About Bool-Bool™

We don’t sell dishes, we create a lifestyle.

We are a young team from St. Petersburg, which is engaged in the development of the first Russian brand Bool-Bool™ – reusable plastic accessories for drinking hot and cold drinks: bottles, thermobottles, thermo-cups and other accessories.

Bool-Bool is a LIFESTYLE brand that unites people who care about their health and the environment, live a modern life and prefer to do things in a motion, in the style of “to go”.

We are the only ones in Russia about whom we can confidently say-100 % “Made in Russia”.

All products are made of reusable plastic — polypropylene and silicone, which are absolutely harmless to human health and recyclable.

Today it is one of the most urgent and important problem in the world. Therefore, many large associations and companies actively support the movement for the rejection of disposable plastic in order to preserve nature.

Our idea is that people who drink hot and cold drinks every day on the road, at work or on vacation, used reusable products of our brand, allowing them to live without restrictions.

Joining to BOOL-BOOL™, you will get practical and stylish LIFESTYLE accessories for any occasion and emphasize your individuality.

BOOL-BOOL™ is a stylish and practical accessories made of reusable food grade plastic and silicone that unite people who care about their health and the environment.

Lightweight and practical BOOL-BOOL™ products are safe not only for your health, but also for the environment.

Every minute a million plastic bottles and disposable “paper” cups are bought and thrown away in the world, and only 10% of all disposable plastic is recycled.

On average, 1 person uses 2,500 disposable “paper” cups a year, pouring coffee in a coffeepot or office.

FLAT BOTTLE Bright Author’s Illustrations
The Thermo Cup “THE WITTY SERIES” mobile

By choosing BOOL-BOOL™ accessories, you are helping to save the planet.

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