Children’s bottle for water and other drinks “FIXIKI”

BOTTLE 400 ml.

Food-grade silicone and polypropylene

BPA and toxin free

Private Label

Bright author’s illustrations

Keeps your drinks at the perfect temperature.


Does not contain Bisphenol A and polycarbonate. Tasteless and odorless.


Products can be washed in the dishwasher or sterilized.


Resistant to high temperature changes. MAX t=240С/464F

Children’s bottle for water and other drinks “FIXIKI”


Reusable bottle “FIXIKI”, 400 ml, is made of materials safe for the health of the child – polypropylene and food-grade silicone. BPA free and do not change the taste of the drink.

Ergonomic design makes it easy to grab the bottle and hold it with one hand. The bottle is equipped with a screw cap and a cord allowing you to carry the bottle in your hand. The lid has a silicone tube that is bite resistant and makes drinking easier. Silicone inserts in the inside of the lid create additional tightness and protect against leaks. Due to the optimal size, the bottle fits in the side pocket of the backpack or holder on the bike. Lightweight and comfortable to carry.

A children’s bottle for drinks with the image of the heroes of the popular animated series FIXYKI will allow you to enjoy a drink anywhere. According to studies, 83% of children choose a bottle with the brand “FIXIKI”. Made in Russia.

Made in Russia.

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