Can You Take a Thermo Mug on a Plane?

If you attend to environment, you are surely using a thermo mug every day and carry it around. It is an eco-alternative to disposable cups, and it helps to diminish the level of pollution and garbage on our planet. How does it work? If everyone used such thermomugs, tons of plastic would not be thrown away to the ocean each year.

Thermomug in Luggage

Most airlines ‘ baggage rules are alike. Almost all air carriers allow you to put thermal utensils in your suitcase or your bag. It doesn’t matter if it’s empty or full. There are no restrictions on the volume of liquid, so you have the right to bring a thermocup with grandma’s tea in your luggage.

However, you should be careful with full thermo mugs. During the flight, the pressure in the cabin and in the luggage space changes, which may affect the air-tightness of the container. Even if there were no leaks before, things may not go according to plan under conditions of pressure jumps.

In addition, why put a hot drink into the suitcase when you are comfortably settled in the cabin?

Thermocup in Hand Luggage

The rules regarding bags and backpacks, as well as items that you carry in your hands and take with you to the cabin, are much stricter than the requirements for the contents of your luggage. The list of items allowed for transportation in hand luggage is limited. Moreover, the liquid volume in the containers you bring to the cabin is strictly stipulated.

  • All liquid must be bottled in transparent bottles;
  • Each individual container must contain no more than 100 ml;
  • The total volume of liquid substances in hand luggage should not exceed 1 liter.

All these restrictions were introduced by airlines for anti-terrorist reasons. Closed thermal cups hide the contents, so it is unlikely to be able to carry the full thermal mug inside the plane.

If you are flying abroad, customs may find fault with metal parts, so it is better to take the items made of food-grade plastic with you on board.

To avoid getting trapped on the control line, take an empty thermo cup with you and fill it in a cafe in the duty-free zone just before boarding. Then you will not have to face the confiscation of your favorite thermos mug or the need to pour or drink hot coffee in 5 seconds.

The second way to use the mug for its intended purpose on board is to ask the flight attendant to fill it with boiling water and brew a tea bag in it.

The crucial thing is that when you sit down, do not leave the filled thermocup on the top shelf in the bag with other things. Be aware of pressure drops, which can cause stains on clothing or documents. Put the container with the drink into the cup holder and enjoy your flight. If you still have doubts about transporting a full or empty thermoset, alleviate your concerns. Make just one call to the helpline of the air carrier you are going to fly on. The manager will answer the question whether it is possible to take a thermocup with you to the cabin of the plane, and you will be able to pack up with peace of mind.

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