How to Choose a Thermomug

The core task of a thermocup is to keep the initial temperature of the drink longer than in an ordinary dish. Thanks to a thermocup hot coffee or tea does not cool down for a long time in winter on the street, and in summer, soft drinks do not turn into warm freshly drawn milk. It seems that the functionality is quite simple, but the variety of models is confusing. Metal, plastic, non-spillable, with or without handles…

Let’s consider the main characteristics of thermal cups and make use of them to choose the best item for you.

Container Volume

Most thermomugs contain from 200 to 700 ml. You can also find “giants” with a volume of 900-1000 ml, but these thermal cups are quite hard to hold in your hand, so they are not suitable for drinking coffee on the run. However, they are useful in a hike or during an excursion, when you want to warm up or quench your thirst after a long walk.

For daily use, it is recommended to buy a container, which is similar in volume to your favorite drink.

  • If you drink tea or black coffee, you can take a small 200 ml thermo cup.
  • For latte lovers and people who prefer other big cocktail drinks, a large 350-500 ml thermocup will fit.
  • For drinking soft drinks in summer, buy mugs of 700 ml.

Body Material

Thermomugs are made of stainless steel, plastic, and composite materials.

  • Plastic is the most affordable. When choosing this option, it is important to learn the composition of the material and its characteristics. Along with low-quality and fragile thermo cups, there are more durable and safe items.
  • Stainless steel is versatile and durable. You can take it to the journey on foot or to the office. However, there may be problems with clearing through customs at the airport – many airlines do not allow carrying metal containers in hand luggage.
  • Composite thermal cups made of polypropylene and silicone combine the advantages of metal and plastic. They are lightweight and highly resistant to mechanical stress. Double walls keep the temperature of the drink for a long time. Such cases does not get dirty, wear out or become covered with scratches.


Along with plain models, you can find stylish thermo mugs with a unique design. They are more expensive, but the authentic look adds bright features to your style and makes your day.

Type of Closer

Airproof is a core feature of a thermomug. It is provided in different ways:

  • Latch: opens with one finger, but insecure;
  • Turning mechanism – more reliable, but inconvenient for drivers and cyclists;
  • Button – the best option for its reliability and convenience, but the most expensive.


If you use the thermo mug in the car, the great period of heat saving is optional, as 2-3 hours will be enough.

Items that keep the initial temperature of 8-12 hours are suited for hikes and excursions.

Before purchasing, measure the diameter of the cup holder in the car, child’s stroller, bicycle or bike.

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